Hey there 👋, I'm Arianna!

Coffee & boba tea enthusiastic☕   |  Curious innovator🙌   |  Lifelong cook lover👩🏻🍳

A Little About me

I believe impact starts with listening

I believe impact starts with listening.​I am a product designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, solving complex problems by translating user needs into empathetic design solutions. I love to dive into flows, interactions, states, and product ecosystem, and design the experience that "talks" to the users to achieve their goals.​

I am not a one-woman band, a UI artist, a defensive critiquer, or any kind of egoist. I thrive on tackling complex systems and architecture, sweating meaningful details, and facilitating my teams.​

I am happiest when I can find the balance of working with others, pooling our strengths, and working together, while also welcoming opportunities to take ownership of projects. No project is too big or too small for me.

By believing "Growth and comfort do not coexist", I intend to keep growing.

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